Haitian Missionary Benefit Recital Series

This is a free concert given annually at Denbigh Presyberian Church in Newports News Virginia. A voluntary collection is available for audience members to donate to a missionary in northwest Haiti.

Programs from previous concerts are available.

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11th Annual Haitian Missionary Benefit Recital

Dec 4th, 2011
Denbigh Presbyterian Church, 4:00 PM

Book 1, Op. 35 Fernando Sor
  No. 1 Andante
   No. 2 Andantino
   No. 3 Larghetto
   No. 4
   No. 5 Allegretto
   No. 6
   No. 7 Andante
   No. 8 Allegretto
   No. 9 Andante
   No. 10
   No. 11 Allegretto
   No. 12 Andantino Moderato
Sonata III Manuel Maria Ponce
  Allegro Moderato
  Allegro non troppo
Suite Castellana Federico Moreno Torrobo
Variations on O Cara Armonia from Mozart's The Magic Flute, Op. 9 Fernando Sor